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Thoughts on the Week

Hey guys! This week I’ve been thinking what superhero I wanted to be. Some of you might think it would be the powerful superhero’s like Iron Man or Captain America, but it’s not. I want to be The Winter Soldier.

I probably just blew your mind with that, but I do like the Winter Soldier. Some of you might think that the Winter Soldier is a bad guy because he kills, but meh. But, if you want to be against me then lets just say if the Winter Soldier was a good guy, then I would totally want to be him.

Why? You ask, well the reason is because I like his personality, his weapons and his bionic arm. For one, My personality is very much like his, and I like the weapons he wields. Plus his bionic arm makes him capable of throwing Captain America’s shield which is pretty awesome.

Now, let’s discuss something I mentioned earlier, I don’t want to be a really powerful superhero, because, well, they just radiate just and good for everyone. It’s so unrealistic. Take the character Iron Man, if you ask me, he has a pretty great past, like there is not any shady stuff at all. In one way or another, I admire those who have shady pasts and overcome them. Because, it proves that they have a strong spirit.

So that’s it guys! Look for my next blog post.