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Thoughts on the week

Hiya guys, It’s George.Y here, and I have a little thing to ask you. Now, I’ve seen a lot of them anti-bullying people talk about their poor childhoods, and I’ve wondered, how bad were they actually bullied? Don’t get me wrong, I’m not trying to say that they’ve experienced nothing, but, compared to my childhood, I don’t think they’ve gone through much. Before you call me mean, let me tell you my story…

Have you ever watched a movie, where there’s a kid who was always bullied, left alone, and had no friends? Then later on the movie, the kid turns into¬†a genius or something and gets all famous. Well, my life was like the movie, but I never got famous. Well, I might, but that’s the future. Anyways, my childhood was pretty bad. From grade 4-6, I didn’t have any friends that I can rely on for help. Plus there was the fact that no one really cared about me. I was literally invisible. Nowadays, I have a much better life, but I’ll always remember those sad, sad years.

Now think about it. I know that almost all of us had gone through a couple hard years, but did yours get this bad? I don’t think so, so to all of them people that still hate on me everyday, think about what you are doing, you think it’s fun? Well it’s not. It’s like pointing a gun at a helpless little puppy.(But, don’t you ever DARE compare to a puppy).

Well, this is the end of my post, but, don’t worry there’ll be another one up next Friday! Comment below how bad your childhood is! Bye!