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Thoughts on the week

Hey guys! George.Y here. I know I was late on this post. But I have mentioned this would happen sometimes due to lack of time to work on this. Anyways, let’s get to it.

So for the last couple days I was at a camp in the woods. As you know, there was mosquitoes everywhere.  Me and my buddies were pretty much eaten alive. Then I come back and my psychic Mom somehow predicts that I would be eaten alive, so she gets my dad to go buy after-bite, which pretty much saved my life. For the record, thank you Mom.

So anyways, I was wondering how can be be psychic? I have also inherited my Mom’s psychic powers, and it has been a huge help in my life. So I wondered how  you can be psychic.

So after a lot of research, apparently, you have to have “the feel” to be psychic. Since, the web ain’t gonna be any help, I’m gonna write on behalf of my experience.

To me, You never know you can do anything until you try, so go ahead, take a deep breath, focus and try to think of something you could predict. If you get a gut feeling your prediction is right, and if you were actually right then you would be psychic. Try it again a couple times, and if you’re still right on all of them then you’re probably psychic.

Mind you, there are a  couple precautions you have to take. Never use a Wigi board(those things are scary stuff). Also, don’t predict things like a test you want to get good on, because your own feelings shall go against your predictions. Other than that you’re pretty much safe.

P.S. Don’t summon ghosts unless you’re sure you know what you’re doing. You don’t want something like that go against you.