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Thoughts On The Week

Hey guys! It’s George here with another Thoughts on the week post(though I would like to call it TOTW due to my laziness on typing). So anyways, I’ve always wondered,  does Karma go backward? Because it has gone backwards for me. Well, sort of.

I know that Karma means that doing bad things = bad things happen to you. For example, you bully a kid at school, get back home and your parents tell you that the family pet is dead. This is what is known as, Do bad things(bullying a kid)=bad things happen to you(your poor pooch goes to heaven). Then there’s the vice versa which is doing good things(like helping out a wounded bird)= good things happen to you(you get that phone you’ve always wanted). Well for me, sometimes this gets a bit weird.

One day a was really sad because I got bad report card marks, then I find out that I got 400 dollars from my grandparents. Another day, I was having a great day because my recent test scores were really good, then I get home and find out that I got bad on a important test. That was Monday, so at that moment I was like WTF? really surprised.  So now, I ask you. Do you think Karma can be reversed in this way, and has this ever happened to you? Vote and comment below.

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P.P.S. I will be posting a post based on the movie Age Of Ultron, so, stay tuned for that!