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Another Announcement!

Hey guys! George.Y here. So summer break is here and we are going to see some changes to this blog.

So most of you guys know that there are 4 of us in this blog making posts. Well, that’s about the change. This blog has now become officially mine. Though, every so often, one of my peers or my friends might make a guest post from time to time. Also, You may have noticed that we always state our names at the beginning of each post. Well, I’m not doing that anymore as it is just me here now.

Well, that’s it guys! Hope you have a great day!


Lil’ Annoucement

Hiya Guys, It’s me, George.Y bringing you a little thing I’m going to be doing. ┬áNow, some of you probably think that this blog could probably use a little bit more weekly posts, well, since the rest of the Entertainment4Kidz staff don’t post much, then I guess I’ll do it. So from now on, Every week, I will post a small post consisting of some stuff that happened to me, or things that I have pondered over during the week. But don’t worry guys, I’ll still publish my monthly blog posts. Well, I guess this is it, so… See ya!

P.S. Sometimes it will have to be 1 post in two weeks, as I have a lot to do.

P.P.S. Look for these posts in the new category named: Thoughts on the week


Hey guys! George Y here, This is gonna be our blog including me, Eric H, Jared HB and Josh AC! We are gonna talk about a lot of different things. However we are going to focus on Video Games, Media, and the latest toys and devices, and of course any sort of entertainment. So stick with us through the year and view lots of cool posts!!