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Avengers: Age Of Ultron

Hi Guys! Today I’m doing a review on the newly released movie, Avengers: Age Of Ultron. Now, I haven’t watched the movie yet, so I’m getting info from Wikipedia and a blog by Jon Negroni, whose blog is awesome by the way. If you want check it out, go HERE. Anyways, let’s get to the review.   MINOR SPOILERS AHEAD!

Overall, the critics thought the movie was great, if not perfect. So, by all means you should definitely watch this movie, but let me give a little bit of info on it. For starters, Have a look at the plot So anyways, this movie started off with Tony and Bruce creating a intelligent AI named Ultron, then a bunch of stuff happens and Ultron decide that it most destroy humanity for the good of the Earth. So he recruits Pietro and Wanda Maximoff, stocks up and weapons and such. But, during all of this, Wanda(with telepathic powers) realizes that Ultron wants to destroy humanity. So the twins join The Avengers instead. Tony and Thor activate Vision and they all attack Ultron. So after the battle, a city is destroyed. Pietro is dead, and probably a good number of citizens might be dead too. Then the Avengers just kinda leave and that’s it. Here are the characters…

1. Iron Man

Iron Man(gee, I really want that amour)

The leader(ish) and half of the brains of the Avengers, Iron Man/Tony Stark is really a brave guy. Building his suit of armor after being critically damaged. Iron Man is now saving the world again, and again. Though in the movie he sort of created Ultron, he still played an important part of destroying Ultron too. So overall, he’s a good guy. im-ice 2. The Incredible Hulk/Bruce Banner


The Hulk started out like any other Hulk. He was just a genius scientist that got blasted by gamma rays, and turned into the Hulk. Anyways, Bruce is actually a really smart guy and he’s the other half of the brains of the Avengers in case you were wondering, Bruce and Iron Man actually created Ultron, and then they had to go around the world, destroying entire cities just to kill one bad guy. But, that’s how most Marvel movies go anyway. Going back to the Hulk, when he goes rage mode, you better watch out. As anyone knows, the angrier Hulk gets, the stronger Hulk gets. hulk-kick 3. Captain America/Steve Rogers

Captain “murica

The greatest soldier of all time, Cap was the first member of the Avengers, and the leader(ish). Injected with the Super-Solider formula, Steve Rogers became the ultimate athlete, his body is enhanced to the max in agility, speed, endurance, e.t.c. He didn’t play a very big part in Age Of Ultron, but, he is still part of the crew who smashed their way to victory.     4.  Thor

The mighty Thor

He’s the Norse god of thunder and lighting and he is the son of Odin. Thor is the second most powerful avenger, ( with The Hulk being the first.)  But Thor is immortal very hard to damage. He doesn’t have much of a part in the beginning, but after leaving, and having a chat with Dr.Selvig(Thor’s friend). He unleashes Vision, who you can read about HERE. On Vision’s forehead there is a gem, which is one of the 6 Infinity stones, the most powerful gems in the universe. With Vision, the Avengers, and other superheros, they destroy Ultron. ult-thor 5. Hawkeye/Clint Barton

It’s Hawkeye!

This is favorite character by far, I mostly love the fact that he shoots so many different kinds of arrows. If you didn’t know already, I love weapons, call me mental, but I love things that can hurt/kill people. ( So this includes guns, knives, swords, grenades e.t.c.) Perhaps, it’s a false sense of insecurity, but I do love weapons. Back to what I was saying before, Hawkeye is pretty cool. From some who had a pretty shady past,(just like me!) he changed into a real cool superhero.(Not like me!) . He is reckless, daring, and a little bit cold-blooded sometimes. He just played as part of the Avengers team in Age Of Ultron.   6. Black Widow/Natasha Romanoff

Damn, I’ll like to have those bracelets.

She is a bit of of a shady character, but, she is said to have a very shady past. In her youth, she went from country to country on a killing spree.  She has switched from organization to organization, but is considered as a hero.  Black Widow is enhanced with the Super Solider Formula, so she has enhanced speed, agility, e.t.c. As a note, Captain America was also enhanced with the same formula, yet appears physically stronger than Black Widow. Sexist authors? Maybe. Back to the topic, In the movie, Black Widow plays a role of being a member of The Avengers. But, that’s mostly it. She doesn’t play too much of a critical role. Well, that it! I know I didn’t include Ultron, but I usually will only do the heroes for my reviews. Anyways, stay tuned for more posts, and don’t forget I do Thoughts Of The Week posts now. Bye!



“Hello, my name is Baymax.” Welcome to EH’s first movie review! Big Hero 6 came out a long time ago, October 25th, 2014. So, I’m doing a little review but, it’s actually mostly facts. If you already know about it, skip to the title “My thoughts about it” and read on!


The basic idea :

It starts with an ordinary boy named Hiro living in the futuristic city of San Fransokyo. One day, Hiro loses his older brother in a tragic fire at a university. Then, he finds a clue that connects to his brother’s death. So, he teams up with 4 of his brother’s friends and a robot named Baymax. They then find out that someone was connected to Hiro’s brother’s death. The person turns out to be a maniac who wants to seek revenge on an old enemy. By doing so, he needs to destroy the city of San Fransokyo. So, Hiro and the rest of the heroes save the city from this maniac. That’s the main idea, but without details & humour.

Now, here is the trailer :

By the way when they say this fall, they mean last fall.

My thoughts about it.

I found that Disney did it almost perfectly. I know, I know, you would think that someone like me, would think that almost every single movie is good. But here are only some of the reasons why I think it’s good :

1. They had a good ending

2. I love the characters

3. It was cool looking

4. Humour

5. The Plot

6. Baymax

7. Baymax

8. Baymax

There you have it! 6 good reasons why that Disney did another short, sweet movie.

Now to expand,

1. (They had a good ending)

The ending was really sweet. Starting from when Baymax sacrificed himself, to when Baymax’s chip was found. What happened was that the maniac tried to open a teleporter to destroy his enemy. Then, Baymax and Hiro went through it! The reason was because they found the daughter of the maniac. So, they tried to save her. But, Baymax didn’t have enough power to save all of them. So, Baymax sacrifices himself for the other two. Then, after they capture the maniac, they all thought Baymax was gone. Afterwards, in a short period of time, Hiro discovers Baymax’s chip. Then Baymax finally returns.

It’s just another awesome, sweet ending. (Of course it was it’s DISNEY!)

2. (I love the characters)

All the characters were funny in their own way, Wasabi was too cautious, Fred is really just silly, and so on. Which character do you like best? I personally liked Baymax.

3. (It was cool looking)

What I mean is I really love the design of this city, San Francisco and Tokyo mashed, San Fransokyo. Also all the technology used for the Big Hero 6 movie, flying armour, wheels for speed, chemical bombs, micro-bots, slicing armour, and a fire-breathing dragon suit. I just love the design of what the future could be.

4. (Humour)

I really like the humour, especially the jokes of how Baymax takes everything a bit too seriously. The expressions and human gestures. There’s also a lot of other humour in the movie.

5. (The Plot)

I liked the storyline of this movie, they actually added a twist. I didn’t mention this when I explained the main idea. What happened was that they lead us to believe that someone else that wasn’t the maniac/villain was the villain. They put tons of proof that someone else was the villain. I just like the idea of incorporating a twist in the plot.

6. (Baymax)

I find Baymax really nice and sweet, he saved a girl at the end, and he tried constantly to help Hiro. But again, it’s his programming to save people.

That concludes my first movie review. I have a thought about the movie, what if Hiro’s brother actually did survive? He could have used technology that’s in the university or escaped just in time. It’s unlikely but, possible. Now, that’s something to think about.


Shh! Don't spoil it!
Shh! Don’t spoil it!


Hello there, George here now, so as you might know, there has been a lot of movies out recently. And I mean a lot so, which movie do you like best? Big Hero 6? Mocking Jay? Penguins of Madagascar? Alexander and the terrible, horrible,very bad, no good day? ( I just wanna interrupt this to tell you that that is a very long title.) Anyhoo, Which movie do you like the best? Vote below. 🙂

P.S. I know this is a short post, I will make bigger posts next time

Sick Movie

Hey everyone Josh here. I’ll be talking about a awesome movie called Step up Revolution. This movie is about amazing dancers from around the world, the movie is about a competition on line where the first one to 10 000 000 (10 million) hits wins 10 000 dollars, but a successful business man wants to build a hotel where they live. go to you tube and type in step up revolution to see a short clip of the movie.  In the movie there is a variety of dancing like hip hop, break dancing, and other styles.  ( Don’t try it all at home( easy things ONLY!!!).

step_up_revolution_miami                                                 PG-13