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#Dubstep songs 2.0

Hey guys! George.Y here. I’m here with another top 5 dubstep songs that you guys should listen to. If you didn’t read my first one, you can find it here! Anyways, its been awhile since I’ve posted about music, so let’s get going!

1.  Tobu- Sound of Goodbye

This song has been one of my favorites since it was uploaded a couple weeks ago(or months or years depending on when your reading this). A huge reason I love listening to this song is because it’s really peaceful and smooth. It isn’t like the Skrillex songs that screeches and roars. It’s just nice and smooth.

2.  One Republic- If I lose myself(Culture Code remix)

This is such a good song as it has a sweet melody and because of the lyrics and the voice of One Republic. It really cheers me up a bit when I’m feeling sad, (which is quite often because of the kids at my school.) It really just flows really well with me and stops the sad thoughts I have.

3. Dillon Francis & DJ Snake- Get Low

This song has a bunch of buildups that literally makes want to get up and dance. It has a very cool kinda beat to it that is kinda made for dancing. Every time I listen to it I start to nod my head without even realizing it.

4. Bastille – Pompeii (Audien Remix)

To be honest, the original is great too, but the remix just makes it a bit more cheerful. Also, the vocals are much louder in the remix than the original. (A thing to add to my buddies that were at Arrowhead with me, the DJ actually played this song instead of the original)

5.  DJ Snake & Lil Jon- Turn Down For What (Onderkoffer remix)

This guy just took a good song. Took all of the boring rapping out of it, and used the good parts over and over again.  Except he added a twist to them so they sounded cooler. The result? A song that has me clicking the replay button over and over again.  This song has been one of my favorites ever since a friend introduced it to me.

So that’s it guys! It’s the end of the school year so I wish all of the teens and kids out there a happy summer break!

Songs that almost made the list

  • Stephen Swartz- Bullet Train (feat. Joni Fatora)
  • Aero Chord- Surface
  • Tobu&Itro- Cloud 9

Avengers: Age Of Ultron

Hi Guys! Today I’m doing a review on the newly released movie, Avengers: Age Of Ultron. Now, I haven’t watched the movie yet, so I’m getting info from Wikipedia and a blog by Jon Negroni, whose blog is awesome by the way. If you want check it out, go HERE. Anyways, let’s get to the review.   MINOR SPOILERS AHEAD!

Overall, the critics thought the movie was great, if not perfect. So, by all means you should definitely watch this movie, but let me give a little bit of info on it. For starters, Have a look at the plot So anyways, this movie started off with Tony and Bruce creating a intelligent AI named Ultron, then a bunch of stuff happens and Ultron decide that it most destroy humanity for the good of the Earth. So he recruits Pietro and Wanda Maximoff, stocks up and weapons and such. But, during all of this, Wanda(with telepathic powers) realizes that Ultron wants to destroy humanity. So the twins join The Avengers instead. Tony and Thor activate Vision and they all attack Ultron. So after the battle, a city is destroyed. Pietro is dead, and probably a good number of citizens might be dead too. Then the Avengers just kinda leave and that’s it. Here are the characters…

1. Iron Man

Iron Man(gee, I really want that amour)

The leader(ish) and half of the brains of the Avengers, Iron Man/Tony Stark is really a brave guy. Building his suit of armor after being critically damaged. Iron Man is now saving the world again, and again. Though in the movie he sort of created Ultron, he still played an important part of destroying Ultron too. So overall, he’s a good guy. im-ice 2. The Incredible Hulk/Bruce Banner


The Hulk started out like any other Hulk. He was just a genius scientist that got blasted by gamma rays, and turned into the Hulk. Anyways, Bruce is actually a really smart guy and he’s the other half of the brains of the Avengers in case you were wondering, Bruce and Iron Man actually created Ultron, and then they had to go around the world, destroying entire cities just to kill one bad guy. But, that’s how most Marvel movies go anyway. Going back to the Hulk, when he goes rage mode, you better watch out. As anyone knows, the angrier Hulk gets, the stronger Hulk gets. hulk-kick 3. Captain America/Steve Rogers

Captain “murica

The greatest soldier of all time, Cap was the first member of the Avengers, and the leader(ish). Injected with the Super-Solider formula, Steve Rogers became the ultimate athlete, his body is enhanced to the max in agility, speed, endurance, e.t.c. He didn’t play a very big part in Age Of Ultron, but, he is still part of the crew who smashed their way to victory.     4.  Thor

The mighty Thor

He’s the Norse god of thunder and lighting and he is the son of Odin. Thor is the second most powerful avenger, ( with The Hulk being the first.)  But Thor is immortal very hard to damage. He doesn’t have much of a part in the beginning, but after leaving, and having a chat with Dr.Selvig(Thor’s friend). He unleashes Vision, who you can read about HERE. On Vision’s forehead there is a gem, which is one of the 6 Infinity stones, the most powerful gems in the universe. With Vision, the Avengers, and other superheros, they destroy Ultron. ult-thor 5. Hawkeye/Clint Barton

It’s Hawkeye!

This is favorite character by far, I mostly love the fact that he shoots so many different kinds of arrows. If you didn’t know already, I love weapons, call me mental, but I love things that can hurt/kill people. ( So this includes guns, knives, swords, grenades e.t.c.) Perhaps, it’s a false sense of insecurity, but I do love weapons. Back to what I was saying before, Hawkeye is pretty cool. From some who had a pretty shady past,(just like me!) he changed into a real cool superhero.(Not like me!) . He is reckless, daring, and a little bit cold-blooded sometimes. He just played as part of the Avengers team in Age Of Ultron.   6. Black Widow/Natasha Romanoff

Damn, I’ll like to have those bracelets.

She is a bit of of a shady character, but, she is said to have a very shady past. In her youth, she went from country to country on a killing spree.  She has switched from organization to organization, but is considered as a hero.  Black Widow is enhanced with the Super Solider Formula, so she has enhanced speed, agility, e.t.c. As a note, Captain America was also enhanced with the same formula, yet appears physically stronger than Black Widow. Sexist authors? Maybe. Back to the topic, In the movie, Black Widow plays a role of being a member of The Avengers. But, that’s mostly it. She doesn’t play too much of a critical role. Well, that it! I know I didn’t include Ultron, but I usually will only do the heroes for my reviews. Anyways, stay tuned for more posts, and don’t forget I do Thoughts Of The Week posts now. Bye!

Dubstep artists you should really care about


Hiya guys! It’s me George.Y! Today I’m gonna talk about some really good dubstep artists, (in my opinion) that you should really go check out if you’re a fan of dubstep, because I know I am.

Note: Not all of these guys are exceptionally popular, and these artist are what I think are good, so stop complaining. Also note that  I didn’t rank them, I just put bullets as I think they are all very good.

  • Tobu

Definitely one of my favorite artists, Some people are hating on him since almost all of his song has a bit of a same melody, I’m not hating because that “melody” is a “melody” I really like. Here is one of my favorite songs, made by Tobu&Itro-Cloud 9

  • Pegboard Nerds

A partnership between 2 really cool guys, Pegboard Nerds is pretty sick, I don’t like all their songs, but there are definitely a couple I really enjoy. The reason for that is because, once in a while, they get a really good melody, (since I mainly just think of hundreds of different melodies in my head until I get a good one and put it on the mixer, I would assume it’s the same for them too) and as any good artist knows once you get a really good main idea/good melody, if you have the basic knowhow, it isn’t that hard. Anyways here is Pegboard Nerds-Here It Comes

  • Milkman

Gregg Luskin, alias: Milkman. not the most popular dubstep artist I know, in fact, compared to the popularity of Skrillex, This guy is nothing.  But, a couple of songs this guy created, blew my mind, like blown.


Anyways, like a said, I couple of his songs are awesome. This is Timeflies-All The Way (Milkman remix)

  • Vexento

Love his songs, as almost everyone of them are unique in their own way, check him on out on YouTube if you wish, just search up Vexento, and the 1st result should be it. Anyways, I just like the fact that each one of his songs is completely different from the one before, that’s why i always look forward to his new videos. Here is one of my favorites, Vexento-Occupy.

  •  Avicii

I guess this was a guy you all probably thought I was going to put on this, well, here he is. I like a lot of Avicii’s songs, particularly “The Days” and “The Nights” songs. One of the main reasons I like Avicii’s songs so much is because of his lyrics, I don’t know where he get’s those their singers because they are really good, and not auto-tuned. Here is Avicii -The Nights.

Well, That’s  it for now, I can assume the better part of you are thinking: That little twerp, why didn’t he put Skrillex? Skrillex is awesome! Well, as you may recall from the begging of this post you will see in the “note” that I told you guys that not all ’em are going to be popular and famous, and I might not put them, so deal with it. See ya!

P.S. I hate Skrillex. That’s right I said it. What are you going to do about it?

8 best dubstep songs

Hey guys! George.Y here. Today I’m gonna show you my opinion of the 8 best dubstep songs. You’re probably thinking, this guys is stupid, why doesn’t he just do 5 songs? Now my reason is that I have about 134 different dubstep songs I like, and it’s kinda hard to narrow it down so much. So I narrowed it down to 8.  I do have a very small criteria and it goes by the following…

1. Songs must be under 6 mins.

2. All dubstep

and that’s it! Now let’s get started…

  1.  WalkTheMoon-Shut up and Dance with me(White Panda remix)

I have the say, Whoever the heck White Panda is, he/they did a awfully good job at remixing this song.  The original, is so awful I can’t even put it below, it will break your eyes and ears. If you want you can search it up on YouTube.

  1. Paris & Simo-Zombie (3LAU TomorrowWorld edit)

Yes, yes. I know. There is swearing in this song, I know. But, it’s a good song, even if it does swear a BIT. Not much to say about this, I just like the tune, soooooo….. Let’s move on…

  1. Colorblind-Thomas Gold ft. Kate Elsworth

This song has really good lyrics, the vocals are slightly auto-tuned(aren’t they all these days…). Good bass-lines, blah blah… Just you’re basic good dubstep song +good vocals.

  1. Timeflies-All the Way (Milkman remix)

This is just a great example of beautiful sounding melodic dubstep. I love the vocals, it doesn’t sound to auto-tuned either, but nonetheless, it still is, sadly. The instant you start listening to this song, it just puts you in a really good mood. That’s why every time I start feeling sad (which is quite often, you know who you are.) I always start listening to this song.

  1. Vexento-Occupy

For someone of you who read my blog often, you’ll see I put this song on a post I made earlier. I just love this song, some of my friends are addicted to it. I was addicted to it too at first. I just love the really cool melody. That isn’t much, but I don’t know what to say..

  1. Avicii-The Days (Lyric Video)

I would like to quickly say that some things I will refer to is for this video ONLY. First I really like the music video on how he painted a picture with lyrics of the song. For the actually song, I like the guy who sang, even though his voice might have been auto-tuned. If you listen closely to the lyrics, you can hear how he made a story.

  1. Milkman-In search of a place

Great song, I got to give it to this guys, he’s pretty good at this stuff. I love the bass drops, and if you already listened to the song, he’s got some pretty nice pirate vocals.

  1. Built by Titan- Collide

This song is just beautiful, it has one of the best bass drops ever, and the music video is also really good, as it shows that rebel feeling. (and I just looove the rebel feeling).



Hey everyone, George.Y here. Today I’m going to talk about Dubstep, and why some people are just hating on it. First of all, I would like to say that that these are my opinions, and if you disagree with me, then deal with it, cuz them haters gotta hate. So let’s get started…

Now the biggest group of haters comes from that group that says dubstep is just noise, now I disagree that in every way possible. Dubstep is music. Some songs may sound like noise, but they’re usually the really bad ones. If you want proof, here is a wicked awesome melodic dubstep song to prove that dubstep is not noise.

Ok, now the next thing is that a bunch of people think all dubstep songs are inappropriate. To be quite honest, I have no idea where this rumor came from, nor have I ever even listened to any dirty dubstep song. All I can see for dubstep’s defense is that it’s probably not true. There are thousands of songs I can show you that aren’t dirty so I’m not going to bother. I’m just kinda disgusted right now.

Lastly, The smallest group of of people who dislike dubstep have a reasonable way. They just think that dubstep is loud and it makes them to jumpy and stuff. Most people that say this are old people (no offense). To this I don’t have to much to say because you have to respect some people’s wishes. So all I can say, is that there are some quieter dubstep songs. Like the one below.

Ok, that’s it for now, see you next time when I do a 5 best Dubstep songs.



“Hello, my name is Baymax.” Welcome to EH’s first movie review! Big Hero 6 came out a long time ago, October 25th, 2014. So, I’m doing a little review but, it’s actually mostly facts. If you already know about it, skip to the title “My thoughts about it” and read on!


The basic idea :

It starts with an ordinary boy named Hiro living in the futuristic city of San Fransokyo. One day, Hiro loses his older brother in a tragic fire at a university. Then, he finds a clue that connects to his brother’s death. So, he teams up with 4 of his brother’s friends and a robot named Baymax. They then find out that someone was connected to Hiro’s brother’s death. The person turns out to be a maniac who wants to seek revenge on an old enemy. By doing so, he needs to destroy the city of San Fransokyo. So, Hiro and the rest of the heroes save the city from this maniac. That’s the main idea, but without details & humour.

Now, here is the trailer :

By the way when they say this fall, they mean last fall.

My thoughts about it.

I found that Disney did it almost perfectly. I know, I know, you would think that someone like me, would think that almost every single movie is good. But here are only some of the reasons why I think it’s good :

1. They had a good ending

2. I love the characters

3. It was cool looking

4. Humour

5. The Plot

6. Baymax

7. Baymax

8. Baymax

There you have it! 6 good reasons why that Disney did another short, sweet movie.

Now to expand,

1. (They had a good ending)

The ending was really sweet. Starting from when Baymax sacrificed himself, to when Baymax’s chip was found. What happened was that the maniac tried to open a teleporter to destroy his enemy. Then, Baymax and Hiro went through it! The reason was because they found the daughter of the maniac. So, they tried to save her. But, Baymax didn’t have enough power to save all of them. So, Baymax sacrifices himself for the other two. Then, after they capture the maniac, they all thought Baymax was gone. Afterwards, in a short period of time, Hiro discovers Baymax’s chip. Then Baymax finally returns.

It’s just another awesome, sweet ending. (Of course it was it’s DISNEY!)

2. (I love the characters)

All the characters were funny in their own way, Wasabi was too cautious, Fred is really just silly, and so on. Which character do you like best? I personally liked Baymax.

3. (It was cool looking)

What I mean is I really love the design of this city, San Francisco and Tokyo mashed, San Fransokyo. Also all the technology used for the Big Hero 6 movie, flying armour, wheels for speed, chemical bombs, micro-bots, slicing armour, and a fire-breathing dragon suit. I just love the design of what the future could be.

4. (Humour)

I really like the humour, especially the jokes of how Baymax takes everything a bit too seriously. The expressions and human gestures. There’s also a lot of other humour in the movie.

5. (The Plot)

I liked the storyline of this movie, they actually added a twist. I didn’t mention this when I explained the main idea. What happened was that they lead us to believe that someone else that wasn’t the maniac/villain was the villain. They put tons of proof that someone else was the villain. I just like the idea of incorporating a twist in the plot.

6. (Baymax)

I find Baymax really nice and sweet, he saved a girl at the end, and he tried constantly to help Hiro. But again, it’s his programming to save people.

That concludes my first movie review. I have a thought about the movie, what if Hiro’s brother actually did survive? He could have used technology that’s in the university or escaped just in time. It’s unlikely but, possible. Now, that’s something to think about.


Shh! Don't spoil it!
Shh! Don’t spoil it!

Hi, George.Y here, today I’m going to talk about a really cool music website called It’s a website, for music, mostly Dubstep. You can pull videos from YouTube and play them on a community, (I would like to say that it’s mostly music not some lame gaming videos, play that, and they would probably kick you out.) Anyhow, it’s very fun as the more popular communities have cooler backgrounds and much, much more people in them. There are levels , and with higher levels, you get better avatars, badges and other.

Ok, I’m going to explain the community’s now. There are many communities, and they all have owners and staff who like different genres of music. (As a note, most popular communities have Dubstep, EDM, Trap and such as themes.) Usually, the title of the community says what the genre is, others, you have to enter the community and in the chat bar it should tell you what genre it is. If you like EDM and such, and don’t wanna listen to any inappropriate music, I would suggest you go to the community Mineplex Official, there is always quite a bit staff there, and they will regulate the music so everything played is EDM.

Here’s a photo to get you started.

P.S. Comment below if you visited and liked the website.

This pretty much tells you the basics of