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Thoughts on the Week

Hey guys! This week I’ve been thinking what superhero I wanted to be. Some of you might think it would be the powerful superhero’s like Iron Man or Captain America, but it’s not. I want to be The Winter Soldier.

I probably just blew your mind with that, but I do like the Winter Soldier. Some of you might think that the Winter Soldier is a bad guy because he kills, but meh. But, if you want to be against me then lets just say if the Winter Soldier was a good guy, then I would totally want to be him.

Why? You ask, well the reason is because I like his personality, his weapons and his bionic arm. For one, My personality is very much like his, and I like the weapons he wields. Plus his bionic arm makes him capable of throwing Captain America’s shield which is pretty awesome.

Now, let’s discuss something I mentioned earlier, I don’t want to be a really powerful superhero, because, well, they just radiate just and good for everyone. It’s so unrealistic. Take the character Iron Man, if you ask me, he has a pretty great past, like there is not any shady stuff at all. In one way or another, I admire those who have shady pasts and overcome them. Because, it proves that they have a strong spirit.

So that’s it guys! Look for my next blog post.


Thought on the Week

Hey guys! Today, I’m going to tell you a little thing that happened last year and reoccurred this year. This little thing is…

The Chipmunk apocalypse!

Nah, just kidding. There has been a lot of chipmunks in the neighborhood around this time, and they have been in our garden destroying the roots of our flowers. Last year we bought a cage and put some food in there to capture them. Then we kill release them in the forest of another neighborhood. So, this year it was pretty much the same thing, except, my dad didn’t put any food in the cage. So, what your probably thinking is, “man this guy ain’t catching nothing”. Well, you’re WRONG. In the course of 4 days, we caught 2 chipmunks. Being the nice people we are, we killed released them.

So now, I question if it’s either stupidity or curiosity that got the chipmunks captured. What do you think?

Skateboarding y’all!

Hey guys! Today I decided that I’m going to talk a little about skateboarding. Since I have finally gotten my longboard, I suppose this is a good time to start talking a bit about skateboarding in general.

So a couple things you need for skateboarding include the following

– A skateboard(duh)

– skate shoes(check out some cool shoes HERE)

– some pads( like elbow and knee pads. These are optional, but recommended.)

That’s it! Now I’m going to talk a bit about choosing your skateboard.

So choose your skateboard on what you want to do. If you want to do some epic tricks at the skate park, choose the trick skateboard or the regular skateboard. If you have a huge hill and you want to board it without losing control, a longboard is your choice to buy. Now nickel boards, penny boards, and cruisers are a whole new concept. These boards are made out of a hard strong plastic, whilst other boards use wood. Still, if you got money to throw these boards aren’t a bad idea. Also look below if you want a video on how to choose your skateboard.

So now with gear, Obviously, A helmet is essential. Now, the thing is, you don’t “need” gear, but I, and many others strongly recommended it. I might sound like your mom, but you might really consider wearing gear after you fall and have the blood covering your arm.

Ok, now there is always tricks and stuff to do on your board. So go HERE for some skateboard tricks. Go HERE for some longboard stuff. Finally go HERE for some tricks for your composite boards.

That’s it guys! Hope you guys have fun in this nice weather outside!(well, it’s nice weather here in my city at least.) Stick around for more posts!

Thoughts on the Week

Hey guys! Today I’ve thought about those ratings you see on TV or Netflix. You know, it’s like pg14, mature and such. Well, I feel like some of these ratings are wrong.

I think that the ratings for violence is mostly correct. Rather it’s the inappropriate content movies that are wrongly rated. Put it this way, I’m sure many of y’all know the TV show “Friends” and a lot of you watch it. Now comes my point. It is rated pg 14. Technically, it isn’t that bad of a rating compared to others, but I think they should make it pg 13.

Also, In my opinion, I know that in different countries the’re are different ratings. But, here in Canada, there are the following.

  • G – Suitable for viewing by all ages.
  • PG – Parental guidance advised.
  • 14A – Suitable for people 14 years of age or older. Those under 14 should view with an adult. No rental or purchase by those under 14. Parents cautioned. (Formerly “Adult Accompaniment (14)” in the Maritimes)[19][23]
  • 18A – Suitable for people 18 years of age or older. Those under 18 should view with an adult. No rental or purchase by those under 18. Parents strongly cautioned.
  • R – Restricted to 18 years and over. No rental or purchase by those under 18. Content not suitable for minors.
  • A – Adult. Film is not suitable for viewers under 18 years of age. (Formerly “Explicit Material (XXX)” in the Maritimes)[19][23]
  • E – Exempt.

My thought is that they should include a PG 13 or like a PG 15 or something like that. Because I’m not sure about your parents, but my parents strictly follow the ratings. So that means back in Grade 6 my teacher is referencing stuff from the TV show “Friends”, and everyone else is nodding and laughing. I’m just sitting there like a idiot, because I can’t watch the show.

So that’s my thoughts on the motion picture rating systems. Stay tuned for more stuff! Bye!

Another Announcement!

Hey guys! George.Y here. So summer break is here and we are going to see some changes to this blog.

So most of you guys know that there are 4 of us in this blog making posts. Well, that’s about the change. This blog has now become officially mine. Though, every so often, one of my peers or my friends might make a guest post from time to time. Also, You may have noticed that we always state our names at the beginning of each post. Well, I’m not doing that anymore as it is just me here now.

Well, that’s it guys! Hope you have a great day!

#Dubstep songs 2.0

Hey guys! George.Y here. I’m here with another top 5 dubstep songs that you guys should listen to. If you didn’t read my first one, you can find it here! Anyways, its been awhile since I’ve posted about music, so let’s get going!

1.  Tobu- Sound of Goodbye

This song has been one of my favorites since it was uploaded a couple weeks ago(or months or years depending on when your reading this). A huge reason I love listening to this song is because it’s really peaceful and smooth. It isn’t like the Skrillex songs that screeches and roars. It’s just nice and smooth.

2.  One Republic- If I lose myself(Culture Code remix)

This is such a good song as it has a sweet melody and because of the lyrics and the voice of One Republic. It really cheers me up a bit when I’m feeling sad, (which is quite often because of the kids at my school.) It really just flows really well with me and stops the sad thoughts I have.

3. Dillon Francis & DJ Snake- Get Low

This song has a bunch of buildups that literally makes want to get up and dance. It has a very cool kinda beat to it that is kinda made for dancing. Every time I listen to it I start to nod my head without even realizing it.

4. Bastille – Pompeii (Audien Remix)

To be honest, the original is great too, but the remix just makes it a bit more cheerful. Also, the vocals are much louder in the remix than the original. (A thing to add to my buddies that were at Arrowhead with me, the DJ actually played this song instead of the original)

5.  DJ Snake & Lil Jon- Turn Down For What (Onderkoffer remix)

This guy just took a good song. Took all of the boring rapping out of it, and used the good parts over and over again.  Except he added a twist to them so they sounded cooler. The result? A song that has me clicking the replay button over and over again.  This song has been one of my favorites ever since a friend introduced it to me.

So that’s it guys! It’s the end of the school year so I wish all of the teens and kids out there a happy summer break!

Songs that almost made the list

  • Stephen Swartz- Bullet Train (feat. Joni Fatora)
  • Aero Chord- Surface
  • Tobu&Itro- Cloud 9

Thoughts on the Week!

Hey guys! George.Y here. Today I’m going to talk about some boring government stuff. But, WAIT! Before you leave, Give the man a chance, Here me out before you go watch YouTube for the next hour and rot your brains.

So to all of y’all living in Ontario you would probably know that the Union canceled the report cards. Obviously this calls for rejoice among the kids, and anger among the parents. Now, repeating what my teacher said, “you’re all going to forget about this around July.” My only answer to that would be…


I think that the CHILDREN will forget about it around July. But the parents, and especially the strict parents, will not forget this situation until they get the report cards in September.

P.S. Our teacher just told us that there still is going to be report cards, it’s just that we are going to get them during summer so, BOOO!

Thoughts on the week

Hey guys! George.Y here. I know I was late on this post. But I have mentioned this would happen sometimes due to lack of time to work on this. Anyways, let’s get to it.

So for the last couple days I was at a camp in the woods. As you know, there was mosquitoes everywhere.  Me and my buddies were pretty much eaten alive. Then I come back and my psychic Mom somehow predicts that I would be eaten alive, so she gets my dad to go buy after-bite, which pretty much saved my life. For the record, thank you Mom.

So anyways, I was wondering how can be be psychic? I have also inherited my Mom’s psychic powers, and it has been a huge help in my life. So I wondered how  you can be psychic.

So after a lot of research, apparently, you have to have “the feel” to be psychic. Since, the web ain’t gonna be any help, I’m gonna write on behalf of my experience.

To me, You never know you can do anything until you try, so go ahead, take a deep breath, focus and try to think of something you could predict. If you get a gut feeling your prediction is right, and if you were actually right then you would be psychic. Try it again a couple times, and if you’re still right on all of them then you’re probably psychic.

Mind you, there are a  couple precautions you have to take. Never use a Wigi board(those things are scary stuff). Also, don’t predict things like a test you want to get good on, because your own feelings shall go against your predictions. Other than that you’re pretty much safe.

P.S. Don’t summon ghosts unless you’re sure you know what you’re doing. You don’t want something like that go against you.

Avengers: Age Of Ultron

Hi Guys! Today I’m doing a review on the newly released movie, Avengers: Age Of Ultron. Now, I haven’t watched the movie yet, so I’m getting info from Wikipedia and a blog by Jon Negroni, whose blog is awesome by the way. If you want check it out, go HERE. Anyways, let’s get to the review.   MINOR SPOILERS AHEAD!

Overall, the critics thought the movie was great, if not perfect. So, by all means you should definitely watch this movie, but let me give a little bit of info on it. For starters, Have a look at the plot So anyways, this movie started off with Tony and Bruce creating a intelligent AI named Ultron, then a bunch of stuff happens and Ultron decide that it most destroy humanity for the good of the Earth. So he recruits Pietro and Wanda Maximoff, stocks up and weapons and such. But, during all of this, Wanda(with telepathic powers) realizes that Ultron wants to destroy humanity. So the twins join The Avengers instead. Tony and Thor activate Vision and they all attack Ultron. So after the battle, a city is destroyed. Pietro is dead, and probably a good number of citizens might be dead too. Then the Avengers just kinda leave and that’s it. Here are the characters…

1. Iron Man

Iron Man(gee, I really want that amour)

The leader(ish) and half of the brains of the Avengers, Iron Man/Tony Stark is really a brave guy. Building his suit of armor after being critically damaged. Iron Man is now saving the world again, and again. Though in the movie he sort of created Ultron, he still played an important part of destroying Ultron too. So overall, he’s a good guy. im-ice 2. The Incredible Hulk/Bruce Banner


The Hulk started out like any other Hulk. He was just a genius scientist that got blasted by gamma rays, and turned into the Hulk. Anyways, Bruce is actually a really smart guy and he’s the other half of the brains of the Avengers in case you were wondering, Bruce and Iron Man actually created Ultron, and then they had to go around the world, destroying entire cities just to kill one bad guy. But, that’s how most Marvel movies go anyway. Going back to the Hulk, when he goes rage mode, you better watch out. As anyone knows, the angrier Hulk gets, the stronger Hulk gets. hulk-kick 3. Captain America/Steve Rogers

Captain “murica

The greatest soldier of all time, Cap was the first member of the Avengers, and the leader(ish). Injected with the Super-Solider formula, Steve Rogers became the ultimate athlete, his body is enhanced to the max in agility, speed, endurance, e.t.c. He didn’t play a very big part in Age Of Ultron, but, he is still part of the crew who smashed their way to victory.     4.  Thor

The mighty Thor

He’s the Norse god of thunder and lighting and he is the son of Odin. Thor is the second most powerful avenger, ( with The Hulk being the first.)  But Thor is immortal very hard to damage. He doesn’t have much of a part in the beginning, but after leaving, and having a chat with Dr.Selvig(Thor’s friend). He unleashes Vision, who you can read about HERE. On Vision’s forehead there is a gem, which is one of the 6 Infinity stones, the most powerful gems in the universe. With Vision, the Avengers, and other superheros, they destroy Ultron. ult-thor 5. Hawkeye/Clint Barton

It’s Hawkeye!

This is favorite character by far, I mostly love the fact that he shoots so many different kinds of arrows. If you didn’t know already, I love weapons, call me mental, but I love things that can hurt/kill people. ( So this includes guns, knives, swords, grenades e.t.c.) Perhaps, it’s a false sense of insecurity, but I do love weapons. Back to what I was saying before, Hawkeye is pretty cool. From some who had a pretty shady past,(just like me!) he changed into a real cool superhero.(Not like me!) . He is reckless, daring, and a little bit cold-blooded sometimes. He just played as part of the Avengers team in Age Of Ultron.   6. Black Widow/Natasha Romanoff

Damn, I’ll like to have those bracelets.

She is a bit of of a shady character, but, she is said to have a very shady past. In her youth, she went from country to country on a killing spree.  She has switched from organization to organization, but is considered as a hero.  Black Widow is enhanced with the Super Solider Formula, so she has enhanced speed, agility, e.t.c. As a note, Captain America was also enhanced with the same formula, yet appears physically stronger than Black Widow. Sexist authors? Maybe. Back to the topic, In the movie, Black Widow plays a role of being a member of The Avengers. But, that’s mostly it. She doesn’t play too much of a critical role. Well, that it! I know I didn’t include Ultron, but I usually will only do the heroes for my reviews. Anyways, stay tuned for more posts, and don’t forget I do Thoughts Of The Week posts now. Bye!

Thoughts On The Week

Hey guys! It’s George here with another Thoughts on the week post(though I would like to call it TOTW due to my laziness on typing). So anyways, I’ve always wondered,  does Karma go backward? Because it has gone backwards for me. Well, sort of.

I know that Karma means that doing bad things = bad things happen to you. For example, you bully a kid at school, get back home and your parents tell you that the family pet is dead. This is what is known as, Do bad things(bullying a kid)=bad things happen to you(your poor pooch goes to heaven). Then there’s the vice versa which is doing good things(like helping out a wounded bird)= good things happen to you(you get that phone you’ve always wanted). Well for me, sometimes this gets a bit weird.

One day a was really sad because I got bad report card marks, then I find out that I got 400 dollars from my grandparents. Another day, I was having a great day because my recent test scores were really good, then I get home and find out that I got bad on a important test. That was Monday, so at that moment I was like WTF? really surprised.  So now, I ask you. Do you think Karma can be reversed in this way, and has this ever happened to you? Vote and comment below.

P.S. If you want to read about Karma go HERE, or HERE, or even HERE.

P.P.S. I will be posting a post based on the movie Age Of Ultron, so, stay tuned for that!