Thought on the Week

Hey guys! Today, I’m going to tell you a little thing that happened last year and reoccurred this year. This little thing is…

The Chipmunk apocalypse!

Nah, just kidding. There has been a lot of chipmunks in the neighborhood around this time, and they have been in our garden destroying the roots of our flowers. Last year we bought a cage and put some food in there to capture them. Then we kill release them in the forest of another neighborhood. So, this year it was pretty much the same thing, except, my dad didn’t put any food in the cage. So, what your probably thinking is, “man this guy ain’t catching nothing”. Well, you’re WRONG. In the course of 4 days, we caught 2 chipmunks. Being the nice people we are, we killed released them.

So now, I question if it’s either stupidity or curiosity that got the chipmunks captured. What do you think?


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