Thoughts on the Week!

Hey guys! George.Y here. Today I’m going to talk about some boring government stuff. But, WAIT! Before you leave, Give the man a chance, Here me out before you go watch YouTube for the next hour and rot your brains.

So to all of y’all living in Ontario you would probably know that the Union canceled the report cards. Obviously this calls for rejoice among the kids, and anger among the parents. Now, repeating what my teacher said, “you’re all going to forget about this around July.” My only answer to that would be…


I think that the CHILDREN will forget about it around July. But the parents, and especially the strict parents, will not forget this situation until they get the report cards in September.

P.S. Our teacher just told us that there still is going to be report cards, it’s just that we are going to get them during summer so, BOOO!


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