Lil’ Annoucement

Hiya Guys, It’s me, George.Y bringing you a little thing I’m going to be doing.  Now, some of you probably think that this blog could probably use a little bit more weekly posts, well, since the rest of the Entertainment4Kidz staff don’t post much, then I guess I’ll do it. So from now on, Every week, I will post a small post consisting of some stuff that happened to me, or things that I have pondered over during the week. But don’t worry guys, I’ll still publish my monthly blog posts. Well, I guess this is it, so… See ya!

P.S. Sometimes it will have to be 1 post in two weeks, as I have a lot to do.

P.P.S. Look for these posts in the new category named: Thoughts on the week


Rubik’s Cube 5 and up easiest to hardest(And all about it)

The amazing rubik’s cube, which everyone calls imposible. hello everyone this is Jac and I will be talking about the rubik’s cube and its many secrets.  The rubik’s cube is a 3D puzzle,that  too complete you need to finish each side. here is a photo:

If you have never seen or tried a cube before the easiest way to complete a cube is the layer technique. this video will show you how to use this algorithm! I’ve tried this algorithm and it works very well(if you follow the steps in order).

As you can tell there is no cheating unless you take it apart. So Im going to list the rubik’s cubes from easiest to hardest personally:

1: The triangle cube! apparently SUPER easy!!

2: The 2×2. I’ve never tried it but they sound pretty easy.

3: the 3×3. This is the original cube.

4:4×4 .Never tried it looks hard not worth $40…

5: the 5×5 rubik’s cube! AUUGGHH!!!!

6: The PRETAMIX!!!!  If you have tried it you’re INSANE!!!

7: the 13×13 Rubik’s cube. UMMMMMM……….

This is a video for Rubik’s Cubes Fails & records (Warning this may happen to you!)

Thanks for reading my post! See you next time!

Dubstep artists you should really care about


Hiya guys! It’s me George.Y! Today I’m gonna talk about some really good dubstep artists, (in my opinion) that you should really go check out if you’re a fan of dubstep, because I know I am.

Note: Not all of these guys are exceptionally popular, and these artist are what I think are good, so stop complaining. Also note that  I didn’t rank them, I just put bullets as I think they are all very good.

  • Tobu

Definitely one of my favorite artists, Some people are hating on him since almost all of his song has a bit of a same melody, I’m not hating because that “melody” is a “melody” I really like. Here is one of my favorite songs, made by Tobu&Itro-Cloud 9

  • Pegboard Nerds

A partnership between 2 really cool guys, Pegboard Nerds is pretty sick, I don’t like all their songs, but there are definitely a couple I really enjoy. The reason for that is because, once in a while, they get a really good melody, (since I mainly just think of hundreds of different melodies in my head until I get a good one and put it on the mixer, I would assume it’s the same for them too) and as any good artist knows once you get a really good main idea/good melody, if you have the basic knowhow, it isn’t that hard. Anyways here is Pegboard Nerds-Here It Comes

  • Milkman

Gregg Luskin, alias: Milkman. not the most popular dubstep artist I know, in fact, compared to the popularity of Skrillex, This guy is nothing.  But, a couple of songs this guy created, blew my mind, like blown.


Anyways, like a said, I couple of his songs are awesome. This is Timeflies-All The Way (Milkman remix)

  • Vexento

Love his songs, as almost everyone of them are unique in their own way, check him on out on YouTube if you wish, just search up Vexento, and the 1st result should be it. Anyways, I just like the fact that each one of his songs is completely different from the one before, that’s why i always look forward to his new videos. Here is one of my favorites, Vexento-Occupy.

  •  Avicii

I guess this was a guy you all probably thought I was going to put on this, well, here he is. I like a lot of Avicii’s songs, particularly “The Days” and “The Nights” songs. One of the main reasons I like Avicii’s songs so much is because of his lyrics, I don’t know where he get’s those their singers because they are really good, and not auto-tuned. Here is Avicii -The Nights.

Well, That’s  it for now, I can assume the better part of you are thinking: That little twerp, why didn’t he put Skrillex? Skrillex is awesome! Well, as you may recall from the begging of this post you will see in the “note” that I told you guys that not all ’em are going to be popular and famous, and I might not put them, so deal with it. See ya!

P.S. I hate Skrillex. That’s right I said it. What are you going to do about it?