8 best dubstep songs

Hey guys! George.Y here. Today I’m gonna show you my opinion of the 8 best dubstep songs. You’re probably thinking, this guys is stupid, why doesn’t he just do 5 songs? Now my reason is that I have about 134 different dubstep songs I like, and it’s kinda hard to narrow it down so much. So I narrowed it down to 8.  I do have a very small criteria and it goes by the following…

1. Songs must be under 6 mins.

2. All dubstep

and that’s it! Now let’s get started…

  1.  WalkTheMoon-Shut up and Dance with me(White Panda remix)

I have the say, Whoever the heck White Panda is, he/they did a awfully good job at remixing this song.  The original, is so awful I can’t even put it below, it will break your eyes and ears. If you want you can search it up on YouTube.

  1. Paris & Simo-Zombie (3LAU TomorrowWorld edit)

Yes, yes. I know. There is swearing in this song, I know. But, it’s a good song, even if it does swear a BIT. Not much to say about this, I just like the tune, soooooo….. Let’s move on…

  1. Colorblind-Thomas Gold ft. Kate Elsworth

This song has really good lyrics, the vocals are slightly auto-tuned(aren’t they all these days…). Good bass-lines, blah blah… Just you’re basic good dubstep song +good vocals.

  1. Timeflies-All the Way (Milkman remix)

This is just a great example of beautiful sounding melodic dubstep. I love the vocals, it doesn’t sound to auto-tuned either, but nonetheless, it still is, sadly. The instant you start listening to this song, it just puts you in a really good mood. That’s why every time I start feeling sad (which is quite often, you know who you are.) I always start listening to this song.

  1. Vexento-Occupy

For someone of you who read my blog often, you’ll see I put this song on a post I made earlier. I just love this song, some of my friends are addicted to it. I was addicted to it too at first. I just love the really cool melody. That isn’t much, but I don’t know what to say..

  1. Avicii-The Days (Lyric Video)

I would like to quickly say that some things I will refer to is for this video ONLY. First I really like the music video on how he painted a picture with lyrics of the song. For the actually song, I like the guy who sang, even though his voice might have been auto-tuned. If you listen closely to the lyrics, you can hear how he made a story.

  1. Milkman-In search of a place

Great song, I got to give it to this guys, he’s pretty good at this stuff. I love the bass drops, and if you already listened to the song, he’s got some pretty nice pirate vocals.

  1. Built by Titan- Collide

This song is just beautiful, it has one of the best bass drops ever, and the music video is also really good, as it shows that rebel feeling. (and I just looove the rebel feeling).



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