8 things most people can’t live without


Hey, George.Y here. Today I’m going to tell you guys what I think are most people’s (probably does not include me) 8 things they might not be able to live without. So let’s get started with number 1…

1. Internet

With all the latest fads, and technology, people really need their internet. Ditto for the 4.5 billion without wi-fi. I wonder why people don’t think about them every time they check their Instagram, twitter e.t.c. Why so much negative you ask, well, the thing is, I don’t really care about technology and this stuff. I’m sorta waiting for it to become really cool like holograms and devices similar to that. But nonetheless,  It seems to be many people’s most important thing in their lives, I’m pretty sure a couple people will go crazy if they didn’t have Internet for a couple hours. You know, I should really try that out…..

2.Electronic devices

Totally a important thing in many people’s lives, even I kinda do want a smartphone, but mostly only for texting. In my opinion, I like electronics that are made so you can fiddle with them and change code, settings and stuff, like our school computers. That’s a reason I don’t like Apple so much, like or not, it was kinda made for dummies that aren’t very good with tech.  But, for someone people, it can be a good thing.

3. Social Network

To many people, this is sooo important to them, I mean just look at how many social networks there are, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram e.t.c. Too be quite honest, I don’t really understand why you need stuff like that, sure call me a nobody, but, I don’t care about this stuff. Maybe because I’m not exactly the popular type, but hey, come on, social networks are kinda a waste of time.

4. Video Games

“Video Games are a completely waste of your time” is what many parents say to their children. And guess what, I DON”T CARE!!! Even though I know that wasting your brain away for 3 hrs of gaming isn’t good for you, I just love games too much.

5. Friends & Family

Everybody needs this, we really can’t live without friends or family, uh.. well most people anyways. Be seriously come on, if we were about 20, 30 years back this would be the most important thing not the 5th. We talk to our friends and family all the time, even a guy like (if you know what I mean) cares to think that family and friends should me more important, then they should probably be more important. Sadly, technology these days have made some of us more likely to choose phone over parents.

6. Sleep

If there is one thing I know for sure, is that teens need their sleep( yes, I know everyone needs their sleep, but we teenagers hate it when our sleep gets interrupted.) Being a teen myself, I really hate it when I miss my much-needed nap. Which I do not enjoy a 6 AM plane flight, even if it’s to Cuba.

7. Money

As anybody knows (exception to little kids and spoiled children). Money is important, even with kids 11-12, and exceptionally teens and adults. There are people that won’t buy a guy(me) a nice sandwich just because they want to conserve their money because they bought a new car(my dad).  In one way or another, I do get that. So I won’t blame them.

8. Fast Food

As almost any fat american knows,(excuse me if this is offensive in any way.) food is important, real important. If you want to consider Tim Hortens a fast food restaurant, then I am absolutely addicted to fast food. Call me weird, but I just loooove Tim Hortens. But, technically, Time Hortens isn’t exactly a fast food restaurant. I doesn’t serve much junk food.

Well that’s it for what I think, obviously, every person’s view is different. Because if I were to make my 8 things I couldn’t live without, it would be really different. Comment and vote below what you can’t live without.




8 best dubstep songs

Hey guys! George.Y here. Today I’m gonna show you my opinion of the 8 best dubstep songs. You’re probably thinking, this guys is stupid, why doesn’t he just do 5 songs? Now my reason is that I have about 134 different dubstep songs I like, and it’s kinda hard to narrow it down so much. So I narrowed it down to 8.  I do have a very small criteria and it goes by the following…

1. Songs must be under 6 mins.

2. All dubstep

and that’s it! Now let’s get started…

  1.  WalkTheMoon-Shut up and Dance with me(White Panda remix)

I have the say, Whoever the heck White Panda is, he/they did a awfully good job at remixing this song.  The original, is so awful I can’t even put it below, it will break your eyes and ears. If you want you can search it up on YouTube.

  1. Paris & Simo-Zombie (3LAU TomorrowWorld edit)

Yes, yes. I know. There is swearing in this song, I know. But, it’s a good song, even if it does swear a BIT. Not much to say about this, I just like the tune, soooooo….. Let’s move on…

  1. Colorblind-Thomas Gold ft. Kate Elsworth

This song has really good lyrics, the vocals are slightly auto-tuned(aren’t they all these days…). Good bass-lines, blah blah… Just you’re basic good dubstep song +good vocals.

  1. Timeflies-All the Way (Milkman remix)

This is just a great example of beautiful sounding melodic dubstep. I love the vocals, it doesn’t sound to auto-tuned either, but nonetheless, it still is, sadly. The instant you start listening to this song, it just puts you in a really good mood. That’s why every time I start feeling sad (which is quite often, you know who you are.) I always start listening to this song.

  1. Vexento-Occupy

For someone of you who read my blog often, you’ll see I put this song on a post I made earlier. I just love this song, some of my friends are addicted to it. I was addicted to it too at first. I just love the really cool melody. That isn’t much, but I don’t know what to say..

  1. Avicii-The Days (Lyric Video)

I would like to quickly say that some things I will refer to is for this video ONLY. First I really like the music video on how he painted a picture with lyrics of the song. For the actually song, I like the guy who sang, even though his voice might have been auto-tuned. If you listen closely to the lyrics, you can hear how he made a story.

  1. Milkman-In search of a place

Great song, I got to give it to this guys, he’s pretty good at this stuff. I love the bass drops, and if you already listened to the song, he’s got some pretty nice pirate vocals.

  1. Built by Titan- Collide

This song is just beautiful, it has one of the best bass drops ever, and the music video is also really good, as it shows that rebel feeling. (and I just looove the rebel feeling).


A boring Game? A Fun Game? Or a little bit of both?

Hey guys, JHB here with my brand new post on… A Game! But what sort of game you ask? Clash of Clans, a very fun game that everyone can play, from kids to adults or older people. Now, when I said older people, I think you may have got confuse but this game is very basic very easy to learn. The new version of this game only takes up 54.3 MB of your space even if you are an expert in the game! In this game t starts you off with instructions about how to build you  one of the best time wasting Game ever!

By time wasting, I’ll start with the cons instead of the pros, just to make it more interesting. Like I said up there, this game is very time consuming, like when you have to wait a certain amount of time,(depending on what lvl you are in the game) waiting for stuff to upgrade. Also. this game is one of those games that always grabs your attention. With some games, they always have like this prize that you have to come back every day to get a reward or something like that. Clash of Clans is sort of like that when somebody can always attack you and you resources always have to be collected or someone will rade you an you can lose all of your loot any trophy’s. And with this time wasting, there should always be a solution. This solution is called “gems”. “Gems”are a In-App purchase that you can buy to upgrade, speed up, and to buy Gold, Elixir, and Dark Elixir.CoC resources

Speaking of that stuff, I’ll interupt you with some info on the resources. The resources are Gold, Elixir, and Dark Elixir. The Gold upgrades your Defenses that defend your village, your Town Hall that gets you new resources from the shop, your Elixir collectors that make you Elixir and your Elixir storages that store your Elixir when it has been collected, your clan castle that tells the person\attacker your clans name and  and your walls that defend your village from getting in-side.  Elixir will buy your troops, spells, upgrade your troops and spells, upgrade your camps that hold your troops, upgrade your Gold collectors, your Elixir storages, your Dark Elixir storages and your Dark Elixir Drills. Your  Dark Elixir will help you upgrade Your Barbarian King, Your Archer Queen, your Dark Elixir troops and Barracks that summon them.

Then there stylish and awesome attacking and defending part of the game. This part of the game is where live and real people can attack you and you can attack them. First off, when people attack you, they can either get 1 star, 2 stars or 3 stars to destroy your entier base. Of course, you can be the attacker to in multiplayer battles or single player missions. The single player missions get harder every time with more loot to grab every level. The multiplayer attacks cost more gold when the higher the town hall is the more gold it costs. When attacking a village, you get 30 seconds to either skip the village or wait and attack it when its done.  When you are attacking the village,10% of the loot he has in his village is available for the grab. The Clan Castle will show your name of the clan that you are in, you may have some troops to defend your village when somebody is attacking or you can use them too attack also. Eventually when your clan goes into war, which is where your clan attacks another clan for the loot and glory.clash-of-clans-troops

As when attacking, you will need troops to attack with, s-so the troops will sort-of be useful to attack somebody. The troops are, Barbarians which sort of look like Will Ferrell… O.K. (all the troops here cost Elixir the Barbarians will attack anything, single target, and take up 1 housing space. The Archers will shoot over walls, and they dont have that much health. The Giants will take out the defenses first, they are very slow and will do lots of damage. The Goblins will attack the resource first, move very fast and don’t have that much health. The Wall Breakers will destroy the walls first and they are very fast. The Ballons will take the defenses out first by air(which means mortars and cannons can’t get them).

Now I know thats not all of them, but now i’m leaving it to you to go and explore this awesome and entertaining game. Have fun and clash on!