Minecraft TOP SECRET

Today, I Jac will talk about Minecraft(WARNING don’t read if you don’t like minecraft). I’m going to talk about weapons, materials, important crafting recipes, realms, monsters (Yikes!), useful blocks, controls and a good seed (older from Christmas).  First I’ll talk about weapons.  Basic weapons are swords, bows and dispensers.  Swords can be made out of diamond, gold, iron, stone and wood. Here is a video of a great build and at the end of the post i will add a good house.

Here are five crafts #1 Sword: 1 stick, and 2 weapon materials(paragraph #3), #2 Bow: 3 sticks and 1 string,  #3 TNT: 5 sand and 4 gunpowder, #4 Fishing rod: 3 sticks and 2 strings, #5 Anvil: 3 iron blocks and 4 iron ingots.  Here are 5 useful and good materials.  #1 iron for making weapons and useful items, #2 wood to make almost everything, #3 cobble stone to make explosion proof walls, #4 sand to make TNT and glass, and last #5 is emeralds to trade with Villagers.  Now I’m going to talk about 5 realms.  #1 earth the beginning world. #2 the nether to get nether warts, blaze rod, quartz and new monsters (Named in paragraph).  To get there you need to build a nether portal (in last video) here is a picture of the portal.

MINECRAFT And the end portal!!670px-Find-the-End-Portal-in-Minecraft-Step-10-Version-3

#3 THE END, where you can collect end stone and battle the ultimate boss… The ender dragon!!! The next two need a mod, #4 the moon easy way to collect end stone (explosion proof).  #5 mars a dark planet and the hard way to collect red clay.  Here are the simple controls.


Now I will talk about the 7 basic Monsters and what to do and don’t do.  #1 spider (health 16 hit points) do get to a higher ground. Don’t let it get above you. #2 slime (large 16 hit points, medium 4, and small 0.5). Do lead them to water they’ll drown if they can’t get out. #3 Creepers (20 hit points) the once mercy less enemy now runs for the hills because of…. CATS!!! Do attack from a distance.  Don’t get to close. #4 Skeletons do use its weapon against it, don’t use melee (swords). #5 ender men do get too a body of water or put your back to a wall don’t go in open space. Here is a great seed (From Christmas) MERRY CHRISTMAS like I said from Christmas. This seed spawns you near a sand temple and a village. At spawn turn around and you’ll see the temple and village. Now you help me! Select your favorite video game and comment what you want to see be built on Minecraft.



Here is a picture of a decent house.




Hi, George.Y here, today I’m going to talk about a really cool music website called plug.dj. It’s a website, for music, mostly Dubstep. You can pull videos from YouTube and play them on a community, (I would like to say that it’s mostly music not some lame gaming videos, play that, and they would probably kick you out.) Anyhow, it’s very fun as the more popular communities have cooler backgrounds and much, much more people in them. There are levels , and with higher levels, you get better avatars, badges and other.

Ok, I’m going to explain the community’s now. There are many communities, and they all have owners and staff who like different genres of music. (As a note, most popular communities have Dubstep, EDM, Trap and such as themes.) Usually, the title of the community says what the genre is, others, you have to enter the community and in the chat bar it should tell you what genre it is. If you like EDM and such, and don’t wanna listen to any inappropriate music, I would suggest you go to the community Mineplex Official, there is always quite a bit staff there, and they will regulate the music so everything played is EDM.

Here’s a photo to get you started.

P.S. Comment below if you visited and liked the website.

This pretty much tells you the basics of plug.dj