EH’s first post! Dystopian tales and more!

Hi Kidz, that’s kids with a z, it’s me Eric! Since Mockingjay part 1 came out, ūüôā I came to talk about the genre, dystopian tales. WARNING : THE FOLLOWING MAY CONTAIN SOME SPOILERS!!

This genre is about a horrible future, the opposite of utopian tales. Dystopian tales has been¬†extremely popular among people these past few years. There’s been many books about dystopian tales. Such as “The Hunger Games” trilogy in 2008, been a long time. Also¬†“The Maze Runner” in 2009 and¬†“Divergent”¬†in 2011 etc. I suggest you guys to read these before watching any of these movies, it’ll spoil the reading experience. For some reason we like stories where our great great great great great great great great great grandchildren go into arenas and kill each other. Or where a horrible disease is upon us. Even where humanity is split into five sections only to struggle for power in the end. But I got to admit, they’re really interesting.

I want talk about one really old but extremely¬†good book, “The Giver”. (There is also three other books in the same series.) The Giver book was published in 1993! It earned the John Newbery award. But when I first looked at it I didn’t read it because of the book cover. And you would think that the author is the guy on the book cover.¬†Now look at it!!

And that's a brand-new ripped up book cover!
And that’s a brand-new ripped up book cover!

I suggest you guys to read it though. It’s a wonderful and sweet tale that we can actually connect to.

Now back on track to the Mockingjay Part 1. What did you guys think about it? I still didn’t watch it or read it. Just because I didn’t read or watch it doesn’t mean I don’t know about it. The first part of Mockingjay is about going into depth of character for Katniss, joining the rebellion. (Of course she has to, she’s the main character!) Then in the end they save Peeta. That’s technically all I know. Stay tuned to part two. Please comment below if you saw the movie and share your opinion.

To end my first blog post, I would like to thank you guys for sticking around and reading this blog post. To those who want a less amateurish blog, but of course about entertainment, please go to It’s not from our class but, it’s really interesting. They talk about Pixar and entertainment. I’m also wondering if you guys want us to make an about page. PLEASE COMMENT DOWN BELOW ABOUT WHAT YOU GUYS THINK WE SHOULD DO. ALSO TALK ABOUT DYSTOPIAN TALES. STAY TUNED!


Sick Movie

Hey everyone Josh here. I’ll be talking about a awesome movie called Step up Revolution. This movie is about amazing dancers from around the world, the movie is about a competition on line where the first one to 10 000 000 (10 million) hits wins 10 000 dollars, but a successful business man wants to build a hotel where they live. go to you tube and type in step up revolution to see a short clip of the movie. ¬†In the movie there is a variety of dancing like hip hop, break dancing, and other styles. ¬†( Don’t try it all at home( easy things ONLY!!!).

step_up_revolution_miami                                                 PG-13

New Halo vid game!!!

Hey there, George here.(dat rhyme though….) Now there is probably a lot of you gamers in this whole wide world. ¬†Sooooo I decided it would be a great idea to let you guys ( and gals!) know about the new Xbox 1, Halo 5!!!! Amazing right? They sure keep the series pumping. if my resources are corrected, it’s gonna come out mighty soon, ( it might’ve already came out but the Wiki said it didn’t so I really am uncertain. But hey? Who cares right?). So anyways, it runs at 60 fps per second ( fps is frames per second I think you can figure out what that means.) which to my standards is pretty damm fast. Sadly it’s only on Xbox 1 so boooooooooo(this deserves about 100000000 o’s and I am not typing that.) Soooooo…. Get this game right now if YOU are a gamer. I hope so, cuz imma gamer.


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